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Week-long Level I and Level II Training

Deepen your Aware Ego Process and broaden your facilitation and teaching expertise

Exploring together for a week offers a unique opportunity to become conscious of our individual experience with the support and wisdom we can offer one another. Each day we will begin by taping into the richness of our dreams to enhance our active relationship with the unconscious. Voice Dialogue facilitations will follow to clarify the selves brought forth by the dream maker, to expand our Awareness, enhance our AEP and focus our intentions for further discovery. Each afternoon we will do energetic sensitivity training exercises with an emphasis on recognizing the fine distinctions between selves and creating energetic mastery vis-à-vis each one. We will explore our relationships to delve into the subtleties of our interpersonal realities.

A week devoted to these practices increases the possibility that our Aware Ego Process will take hold in our every day life, bringing fourth a connection to our authentic being.

You may join us if you have had several Voice Dialogue sessions. If you are a Voice Dialogue facilitator or teacher, you will acquire skills according to your level of proficiency with the Psychology of Selves.

Two-part Level I

You can explore currently significant selves in your life, and stimulate your
dream process and ground it as an everyday practice. You have an opportunity to
be facilitated and to facilitate, and your sensitivity to energetics is
expanded. We hope you will be able to join us. You must have had Voice Dialogue

These two experiences, plus individual Voice Dialogue sessions, will give you
the basic training you need to be prepared to attend an Intensive at Thera with
Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone. You may to take only the first weekend and complete
the Level I at a later date.

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