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Marsha SheldonMarsha Sheldon has been a prominent teacher in the area of personal growth for more than 25 years. She was on the Board of Directors at The Center For the Healing Arts. She co created the Healing Circle, which was one of the programs for people with life threatening illnesses. She was also Director of Community Service and taught classes in dream work and other healing modalities. Marsha was involved with one of the first Voice Dialogue Groups with Hal Stone in 1980. She was on staff for most of the Voice Dialogue Training for more than a decade. She was also part of the senior staff at many of Hal and Sidra Stone's Summer Kamp programs. She has lead Voice Dialogue Training Groups in Southern California and seminars across the country on a myriad of topics through her organization Explorations in Consciousness. She and Tricia Kelly have created Touchstone Seminars to provide an ongoing community for learning and soul nurturing. Her passion is working with individuals, couples and groups cultivating the resources of the interior life and unlocking the mysteries of the psyche.