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The Voice Dialogue Faculty welcomes you!

As senior teachers and practitioners of the work of Hal and Sidra Stone, we have come together to form the Southern California Voice Dialogue Institute for the purpose of sustaining and furthering their work as we have experienced it from it's inception. We offer training in the techniques and processes that they have developed which lead to a deep understanding of the personality, the Aware Ego Process, and an ongoing relationship with the forces of the unconscious.

SCVDI Four Levels of Training:

 Entry Level

  • Most courses are designed for the first two levels of training. Someone who is very new to the Stones work can participate in these classes in order to become familiarized with the fundamentals of Voice Dialogue, mapping bonding patterns, the Aware Ego Process, using his or her dreams as guides, and the energetics of Selves. During this level of training we recommend that students have at least one individual facilitation per month. At the end of this period, a person should be comfortable with the Voice Dialogue process, use their dreams to support that process and have beginning facilitation skills.
Continuous Personal Process
  • This period of training is more intensive. It is for those people who intend to use these techniques as an essential part of their personal transformation. We recommend that students use this program to become proficient at facilitation, and clearing bonding patterns. We encourage students at this level to have two facilitations per month whether they are with a staff person or an exchange with another person at this level or above. We expect that by the completion of these courses the student will be able to induct a wide range of energetics and have a proficient vocabulary in describing them. At this point, we expect that the student will have an active relationship with the unconscious and understand the course corrective quality in dreams.

Training for Teachers

  • The previous two levels or equivalent work is required in order to enter the teacher-training program. For this group we will provide courses in teaching voice dialogue facilitation, energetics, dream induction and dream use methods and diagraming bonding patterns. At this level, we would expect that people would be able to begin their own training program.
  • Students at this level will be invited to be staff at our courses and Intensives. They will be given support and consultation in the development of their own courses to further their excellence.